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Ability to cope with multidisciplinarity of team
Enthusiasm & implication toward projects/assignments
Compliance to internal rules and processes (timesheets completion, etc.)
Team spirit: ability to work efficiently with peers, manage the conflicts with diplomacy
Initiative and self autonomy
Ability to follow and complete work as instructed
Decision making
Customer commitment
Communication skills (written & verbally): clearness, concision, exactitude
Technical skills regarding to the job requirements
Analytical and synthetic mind
Promptness and attendance record
Adaptability: Ability to adapt oneself to organizational changes while keeping efficiency
Creativity and forward looking aptitude
Time management: projects/tasks are completed on time

Supervisors only

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Results of the bottom-up survey and mitigation actions to face technical, organizational, structural and/or relational issues
Delegation: Ability to efficiently assign tasks to other people
Leadership: create a challenging and motivating work environment aligned with the company's strategy
Leadership: sustain subordinates in their professional growth
Ability to manage planning resources, risks, budgets and deadlines

Professional Development Objectives

Personal Performance Objectives

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